LG’s OLED TVs for 2023: Enhanced Brightness, Advanced Intelligence, and Improved Color Accuracy

The highly anticipated tech event of the year, CES 2023, is just around the corner and excitement is building for the latest technological advancements set to be unveiled. Companies have already begun revealing some of the products that will be on display at the event. Samsung recently announced its next-generation monitor lineup, and now LG has shared information about its 2023 OLED TV lineup.

LG announced in a press release that it will showcase its latest evo series TVs at CES 2023. The new Z3, G3, and C3 OLED evo series TVs feature LG’s latest TV innovations, including brighter displays, enhanced color accuracy, and advanced AI capabilities powered by the new α9 AI Processor Gen6. The new Alpha series processor enables AI-assisted Deep Learning technology, such as AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro, to offer improved upscaling, dynamic tone mapping, and virtual 9.1.2 surround sound. 

The LG OLED evo G30 series will incorporate LG’s innovative Brightness Booster Max technology, which utilizes advanced light control, architecture, and algorithms to enhance brightness by as much as 70% compared to prior models. Additionally, the series will feature a sleek One Wall Design, providing a seamless look when mounted on a wall with no visible gaps. 

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